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Bank Warns Of Phishing Scam Targeting Debit Card Information

March 15, 2011

Many customers received robo-calls on their cell phones attempting to gain their account information, said Shelby Schiavone, a Sumner Bank & Trust vice president. Sumner Bank will never call a customer and ask for their account information.

Schiavone said the automated phone calls were a fraudulent phishing scam to obtain customer information that were received by customers of Sumner Bank as well as other financial institutions. None of Sumner Bank computer systems have been compromised and no account information has been obtained. The calls were totally random and were received by both customers and non-customers of the bank. These were fraudulent calls attempting to obtain debit card information, Schiavone said.

Anyone that may provide information as a result of one these calls is asked to contact Sumner Bank at (615) 451-4151 or their financial institution.